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Top Six Women’s Erotic Fantasies

Women and men all fantasise about sex. In fact it’s a national pastime and a very pleasant way to waste a bit of time at work when you are bored. When it comes to actual sex, men and women are very different. Men prefer visual stimulation whereas a woman’s sexual desire is very much rooted in the cerebellum.

For women, sexual fantasy is important. We use the images in our head to aid arousal, and if our partner is not doing it for us, a quick trip into fantasy land can be just the ticket to get our motor running. So what are the top six women’s erotic fantasies and is yours on that list?

Fifty Shades of Grey

Women have always had a strong desire to be dominated in the bedroom, which is why the traditional ‘alpha male’ is a perennially popular choice of mate. With the release of the Fifty Shades books, followed by a movie, our fantasies are now in full technicolour and have been embellished with all kinds of interesting accessories.

Rape Fantasy

The rape fantasy is more common than most women would like to admit. In real life, rape is a repellent act of gross violation, but in fantasy land, being taken against our will by a stranger is hugely erotic. It is also something you can try out as part of a role play session.

Three in a Bed

Threesomes never go out of vogue. After all, what woman wouldn’t want to be the centre of attention of two men, or if she prefers, be able to enjoy the attentions of another sexy female. Lots of women also love the idea of watching their man be sexual with another woman, as long as the female is someone they can trust. A massage Montreal is great in this regard: you can both enjoy the company of a hot, sexy woman with no threat to your relationship.


To see and be seen is an ensuring sexual fantasy for both men and women. Women like the idea of watching other couples make love. They also like the fantasy of their partner watching as they have sex with another man or woman. Swingers clubs make this possible and are very popular as a result.

Ghost Lover

The fantasy of an ethereal lover, one who doesn’t come with tiresome emotional baggage, is very powerful. He comes to you at night and your pleasure is his pleasure. Some women claim they really have had sex with a ghost lover, but others have a vivid enough imagination to conjure up a spirit lover in the absence of anyone real.

Fantasy Ex

There may have been good reasons why the relationship ended, but it doesn’t stop you fantasising about them if they were red hot in bed. However, you need to be careful not to let your sexy fantasies cloud the cold reality of what they were actually like as a partner.

Erotic fantasies are good for us because they add an extra layer of spice to the bedroom. Don’t forget to share, though, as your partner will love to hear all about your darkest desires.

How to Give a Stale Sex Life a Boost

No matter how high the level of sexual attraction was when you first met your other half, there will come a time when the passion dies and you can’t be bothered to do anything other than read a book or go to sleep when in bed. This is perfectly natural. Kids, responsibilities, and hormones all play a part in diminishing our sex drives, and in most cases the relationship is able to weather the storm. But if you are feeling a bit despondent about your lack-lustre sex life and think that it needs a boost, here are a few tips to help you spice things up a little.

Let’s Talk about Sex

It is always a good idea to be open about sex. Communication is essential within any relationship, and even more so if you are experiencing difficulties in the bedroom. Some couples find it really difficult to talk about sex, but unless you are open and honest with each other, how are you going to fix things?

Read Erotic Fiction

Nothing gets the juices flowing than a good erotic read. The Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has done wonders for many couples, particularly those who have been married for many years. Reading erotic fiction is fun on your own, but it is even more entertaining if you read a book together. The act of reading racy passages aloud to one another will create a sense of intimacy and anticipation. It will also provide inspiration if you want to try different things in the bedroom.

Introduce Sex Toys into the Bedroom

Sex toys can add a bit of spice into a stake relationship. You probably wouldn’t want to use sex toys all the time, but for such times when you feel the need to try something a bit different, it can be fun to use a vibrator or a beginner’s bondage kit from The main thing to remember here is that you need to be careful when introducing sex toys to a nervous partner. Some people react badly to such things, so pick your moment wisely.

Freaky Fridays

All couples benefit from a date night. It is a time when you can forget about the stresses of work and family, and take time out to enjoy each other’s company. Date nights are useful if you need to rejuvenate your sex life. Instead of falling into bed with unwashed hair and old PJs on, book a night in a swanky boutique hotel, wine and dine your partner, and get intimate once again.

Take a Lover

If none of the above suggestions work, you may have to resort to finding sexual satisfaction outside of your relationship. The good news is that many couples report greater levels of satisfaction in their primary relationship when one partner is getting their thrills elsewhere. So why not give it a try?

A sex life needn’t be boring. All it takes is a bit if imagination and the willingness to experiment, and before you know it you will be swinging from the chandeliers on a Friday night.