Better Opportunities with the Finest Sex Games Here

There are as many fantasies as there are women, and they finally assume their desires, whether in an unusual place, or with a partner (s) different (s). Less subject to patriarchal injunctions than before, they became actresses of their sexuality flourished with specific fantasies.

Make love outside

This is the biggest classic of the series, the one that would drive up the excitement in no time. The idea of ​​being surprised in action would offer a thrust of adrenaline not insignificant during the sexual act. But beware, it should not turn to exhibitionism that is punishable by law.

A household with three

While he would be with two women for the happiness of men, the ladies – heterosexual – would prefer the opposite version. To push the idea to the end, they would even spend the night with two strangers rather than their half and another. This of course is to avoid a possible crisis of jealousy.  The 3d sex games can surely make you interested more on this.

Play with food

Aphrodisiacs during the meal, the food turns out to be naughty accessories in the intimacy. Chantilly, chocolate sauce and strawberries are the best allies for a torrid night. Please remember to shower after having fun.

Make love in the rain

After the myth of kissing in the rain in Hollywood movies , it’s making love in the rain that is the subject of fantasies. Between sensuality and desire for change, this practice meets many expectations (including that of doing in public) and continues to emulate.

With a man in uniform

Firefighters and police have never stopped the coast. The attractiveness of the uniform and the power remains a mystery for some, but an aphrodisiac for others. If your other half does not work in a barracks, then think of role plays.

On the beach

Although this fantasy is limited by the weather most often and the geographical situation, it remains very widespread among women. What could be better than ending a beautiful summer day while having sex in front of the sea ? However, be careful to prepare the area to avoid any discomfort caused by the sand and to be discreet not to graze (again) exhibitionism.

With a star

Who has not thought of spending a hot night with the lead actor coming out of the movie theater? This is the case for almost all women, and it is understandable that Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jesse Williams give ideas. Knowing that this meeting remains of the order of fantasy, we do not hesitate to create a scenario from scratch.

To be dominated (with his consent)

The release of Fifty Shades of Gray has created followers, but well before the books, women have longed to be dominated by their fantasies. Losing control over a night, yes, but be careful to choose your partner to be sure that trust is established.

With a stranger

Between the star and the unknown, there is only one step. During a party in a bar or on vacation, all the elements are together to cause fate. A simple crossing of eyes can give birth to this ephemeral flame. We will not forget to protect ourselves to avoid any eventuality.