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The Problem with Mail-Order Brides

Throughout history, different cultures have created fantasies revolving around handsome Western men meeting beautiful and exotic women from Asia, Africa, and Eastern Europe. These men then save the women by lifting them out of poverty before introducing them to the American Dream. Nevertheless, these stories are also full of horrors just as much as happy endings. Ask Filipinos and Russian brides and you will be shocked!

What Defines a Traditional Mail-Order?

Mail-order is a common feature of one of the most thriving yet illegal industries in the world – human trafficking for sex and labor. It is full of legal, cultural, economic and social issues. The men involved in these programs are not as romantic or virtuous as shown in most Western movies broadcast globally. Most relationships involving Filipino mail-order brides and these men are false and built on a foundation of amusement. Once they arrive in the United States, the brides fall victim to physical and sexual abuse. Their immigrant status makes them more susceptible to the abuse.

Despite the risks associated with this practice, it remains quite attractive to millions of women. Filipino women are prone to inhumane exploitation. They leave their homes to find jobs and eventually enter legal marriages only to end up in prostitution of some sort.

Role of International Marriage Brokers

A visit to any website run by International Marriage Brokers (IMBs) provides a stereotypical description of the kind of mail-order bride they need. Words used to describe the women include Christian, submissive, sweet and traditional with an ability to speak, read or understand a bit of English.

The truth is a big chunk of the mail-order brides from Asian countries can’t support themselves because of inability to speak English. Their problems are compounded by lack of familial support. Inability to find jobs prevents them from the financial independence they need while living in the US. Upon finalizing the transaction, men who marry the women believe they own them. For their part, the brides feel they owe these men everything for saving them from poverty back home and in the new country.

The industry appears legit by using marriage to hide the human trafficking and exploitation that goes on. Back in Philippines or Russia, everything seems legal and everybody is happy. The moment the women and their husbands reach the US, they realize the men control them. They are then enslaved to the consumer spouses. Many IMBs do not even hide the fact they are less interested in protecting the mail-order brides. The IMBs say they offer meek women ready to do anything to impress their new husbands.

Genuine and trustworthy sites offering dating services exist. Similarly, reliable and highly reputable marriage agencies interested only in helping single people to find true around the world also exist. Real agencies never sell women.  Mail-order is a corrupted, disgusting, illegal and dirty practice. Russian women and their colleagues from Asia or Ukraine are not objects or slaves but people who deserve respect and kindness.

A Russian Video Chat Girl could be your Future Bride

A Russian Video Chat Girl could be your Future Bride

Russian women are considered among the most beautiful in the world and they pride themselves on physical fitness and beauty because they are cultural markers to the Russian people. However, Russian women bring more to the table than simply attractiveness; these video chat girls have a cultural history that is as deep as Russia is wide. Not only are they ranked some of the most attractive women in the world, but they are also cultured, intelligent, and eager to acquaint themselves with new cultures, new languages, and new people. According to a study published by the BBC, there are more than one hundred minority languages spoken in Russia today. Many Russians speak English as their foreign language as they learned it during their primary school education. In addition to that, though, at least fifteen percent of the Russian population speaks more than one language. Being bilingual happens to drive up their desirability, which allows these beauties to be more selective about their future relationship partners.


These Russian video chat girls enjoy having fun, as drinking and dancing play a major role in the culture of Russian people. In addition, food and cuisine are an important facet of Russian culture, which translates to the fact that the women of Russia are very good cooks. Nevertheless, do not assume it is all borscht from here on out if you end up with a Russian bride. Although, borscht is a classic staple of Russian diets, there is wide variety of meals a woman can whip up — whether it is high tier formal dining or lowbrow country food.

When it comes to the family, Russian brides are highly committed to their husbands as they value trust, intimacy, and the dynamics of the family unit. The home and the family are important concepts in Russian culture, and these video chat girls are happy to and welcome prioritizing being a wife and mother above anything else. Coming from a culture that is more laid-back and open minded, Russian bride video chat women are not quick to make or pass judgment on their conversational partner but rather would like to get to know them, their culture, and what they have to offer in regards to a future relationship.

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