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How to Act when Trying to Find Adult Dates

No Emotions

Now, you might be thinking, “Well, this is easy for me. I’m just looking for pussy. I’m just looking for hard, physical, sweaty, nasty action with a hot chick.”

Well, not so fast. You have to remember that if you’re like the typical guy, the moment you get physically intimate with a woman, you get emotionally hooked. Now, I know it’s not politically correct for guys to admit this. A lot of guys put up a macho front. But hey, let’s cut the bullshit. Most guys turn into babies the moment they stick their dick into that tight pussy. They like to put up a nice game, but deep down inside, they’re crying once they find out that that chick that they fucked is fucking another guy.

So if you are not ready for emotion-free sex, don’t fuck around with dating for adults. You’re only going to end up hurting yourself.

All About Convenience

Dating for adults on adultdatefind really is all about sexual opportunism. That’s all it is. It’s basically a woman looking at her many options at a particular point in time and in a particular space. In other words, you don’t really matter all that much. I don’t care how much money you have in the bank; I don’t care how good you look or how good-looking you think you are. None of that shit matters. All that matters is her convenience. If she feels like fucking you, then you’re good to go. If she doesn’t feel like fucking you or it’s inconvenient for her, then sorry, tough luck, better luck next time.

I hope you can understand this because it’s too easy for your feelings to get hurt, then you get dispensed with as far as her convenience is concerned. Buy hey, you knew this coming in. If you didn’t, then you have yourself to blame.

All About Performance and Experience

Women who are into dating for adults are looking for sexual experiences. Of course, this is not rocket science; this is not an earth-shattering revelation. They are looking for sex. They are looking for anonymous sex, to be precise.

With that said, they’re not just looking for any type of sex. They’re looking for high-level performance. Now, this is where a lot of guys fall apart. You might think that you’re able to the job. You might think that you can last in the sack. But hey, stamina is not enough. You have to focus on results.

What results are these women looking for? Very simple. They’re looking for multiple orgasms. It’s not just a question of getting her toes to curl up and her eyes to flip over every once in a while. That shit doesn’t work. It has to be like machine gun regularity. Like, after she pops an orgasm, after a few seconds she pops another one. If you’re the type of guy who’s able to do that and deliver it consistently, you will be invited back many times to the party. That’s how dating for adults work.